Super Mega Mega Bokays


I was never comfortable shooting the Brownie Hawkeye Flash with just a single 620 spool. While I don’t usually reload immediately, it’s nice to have the option. It’s also nice to not have my only spool at Keeble when I’m getting my film developed (by request, Keeble returns the spool with the negs).

So I started looking for additional spools. I found that these are typically cheaper when they’re inside a 620 camera and eventually found another Hawkeye on ebay for $5 (including shipping). Since I already have one Hawkeye, I figured that with the second one it would be a fun experiment to flip the lens around. The resulting flipped-lens camera is a very different look. Lots of edge blur and closer central focus (and no infinity focus).
new and old 1
Further experimentation has lead me to two main usages where this camera is especially fun: low-angle close-to-the-ground street-texture shots and portraits.
rosina with light leaks
I’m not usually one of those photographers who goes out of his way to get crazy blur. At the same time, the quality of the blur here helps really emphasize the subject matter. The camera itself also helps a lot. A waist-level viewfinder really enables with the low angles and the fun look of the bakelite Hawkeye makes it easy for people to relax and genuinely smile.


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