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Once I started shooting manual glass on my DSLR, I never thought I’d go back to auto-everything glass. While, as I mentioned earlier, the kit lens is really all that I need, I really do prefer zone focusing and the amount of control I get (and am forced to use) with manual glass. Whenever I shoot with either the 18-55mm kit lens or the 35mm AF lens, I find myself doing a lot more spray and pray rather than carefully considering my viewfinder.
Congrats Jessie!
fun times
story time overload...
It was only a matter of time before I decided that my kit lens was actually the perfect lens for what I wanted to do. The more active Wat became, the more I found myself needing the 18mm length rather than the f/1.8. Especially when I’m on duty by myself.
al agua patos!
easter egg hunt!
As a result, I’m finding myself considering an upgrade to my kit lens. This is shocking. I really hate both the idea of a normal zoom and the concept of shooting in idiot mode. Yet I do both each weekend, all weekend. And as much as I enjoy the family photography, I find myself relishing the fully-manual stuff as soon as my weekday starts.

It’s very odd to find myself in the position where I think I should have better gear but I don’t actually covet that gear.

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