New Industrial Parks

It only took me ten months to fulfill this. I received Gohlke’s Accommodating Nature for Christmas. And today, Baltz’s The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California arrived.

In looking at the photos, I find myself realizing that what I like most about them is that they show me my world.

... ...

While I’ve been shooting the area around my work with the explicit intent of being Baltzy, I see emulating him as the same phenomenon that causes me to emulate Ansel Adams when I take my camera on hikes in the Sierras.

I’m a child of the suburban west. Industrial parks and the Sierra Nevadas are two worlds which I grew up in. There’s no need to talk about Adams but Baltz’s work speaks to me in the exact same sense of being true. It captures what I grew up seeing and feeling about these places. And it inspires me to go out and shoot some more.

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