Multiple exposures

pond multi

One of the best things about my Kodak Pony 135 is its ability to do multiple exposures. The basic exposure controls and the fact that 35mm film is relatively cheap on a per-frame basis were enough to get me to start experimenting with multiple exposures.

While I readily admit that these are a gimmick, I’ve found that I really enjoy creating them. I haven’t taken too many yet, but the challenge of planning two or three consecutive shots which add up to some sort of coherent frame is a very different way to approaching photography and seeing the world than I am used to. Sometimes I will encounter something that is just asking to be photographed repeatedly. But more often, it’s an exercise in finding and remembering each component of the shot as I come across it.

efi multi
tree multi


One response to “Multiple exposures

  1. all these pictures are so cool..!

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