Baby name help

So we’re having problems coming up with baby names. Especially boy names (since we had a son first, we’ve had a three-year head start on girl names). Our general guiding principles:

  • Must not result in people breaking out into song.
  • Similarly, no obvious phrases or greetings from movies.
    • No Clarice.
    • No Adrian.
  • Would be nice if it works in both Spanish and German.
  • Japanese is also open for consideration.
    • Miho however has been vetoed as being too clever.
  • Not too popular.

Any suggestions will be appreciated and considered. We’re currently calling the baby Lorem and as amusing as it would be to unleash someone named Lorem Ipsum on the world, neither of us really wants to get stuck with that name.


4 responses to “Baby name help

  1. The u/s had better not be right, because if we’re having a boy he’s going to be “Baby Lastname” for quite some time until we can think of something.

  2. I mean the u/s had better be right. Man, I should go to sleep…

  3. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out if your name choice is impacted by your political leanings…

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