Poop song

A rare family-based post since this is too good to pass up.

Putting my son to bed involves singing a lot of songs (songtime) after convincing him that booktime is over. Usually it’s just Wheels on the Bus, then Old McDonald, then Little White Duck, then Mary Had a Little Lamb, then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.* Then I’m able to say good night, tell him what to look forward to tomorrow, and make my exit.

*Believe it or not, I’ve been able to cut out Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and Itsy Bitsy Spider. Bedtime used to be somewhat epic.

Monday night, after all the songs and right before I was ready to leave, he surprised me by asking for the poop song. I said I didn’t know that song and asked him to sing it for me. This tactic usually doesn’t work but last night was full of surprises.

“Can we sing the poop song?”

“I don’t know that song, how does it go?”

He proceeds to clasp his hands together, fingers intertwined, closes his eyes, and squeezes really hard.

mumble mumble Jesus mumble. Amen.”

I asked him whether that was indeed the poop song and he gave an affirmative “nyeah”* and proceeded to repeat it all over. I had to leave before I started laughing.

*nyeah is how he pronounces yeah. We still have to confirm “yes sir?” and if he means it, he’ll respond with an enthusiastic “Yes Sir!”

He did the same thing again last night.

Today, we asked his preschool about it. It turns out that they pray before meals, but since these are toddlers, there’s an immediate bathroom break between prayer and eating.

Too funny.

Note 1: His preschool is non-denominational but is on a Lutheran church campus. But he says ay-men and not ah-men so his teachers appear to be Catholic.

Note 2: This world would be a better place if everyone only got toddler religion. Be nice to each other. Share. Respect the Earth. Appreciate what you have.

Note 3: Apparently the prayer changes each day with only Jesus and Amen being consistent. Hence the mumble mumble.

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