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I’ve always been a movie watcher and movie lover. I grew up watching all kinds of films with my parents and was lucky enough to be able to see classics on the big screen as well. When I went to college, I became an avid movie watcher. Typically a couple movies a week. Often more. Once I graduated, my movie watching increased to the point where I was watching a half-dozen movies a week  via Netflix alone.

For the fourteen years between my entering college and becoming a father, Roger Ebert was my trusted guide. Not in the sense that I always agreed with him or thought that his reviews were the pinnacle of movie writing. But his love and passion for movies drove me to seek out what I liked and educate myself about cinema.

I read him every week. All his reviews. And all his columns. And eventually his tweets and his blogposts.

Today’s news hit me hard. Harder than I expected. I hadn’t realized how much he was a part of my intellectual routine. I see things better because of him. I think about things better because of him. I’ve discovered so many things I love because of him. And now he’s gone.


I didn’t discover The Third Man because of Ebert but it’s the first movie I thought of as being appropriate to watch in his memory. I didn’t have time to watch it tonight. I don’t have time to watch many non-kiddie movies anymore. Maybe this weekend. But I fired up the last scene on youtube. I needed that long, elegiac sigh today.

Thank you Roger. I’ll miss you.


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