I’m beginning the intense portion of a cross-country move from California* to New Jersey** next month. Which means that blogposts will dry up a bit until I’m done dealing with move logistics, packing, unpacking, apartment set up, etc. If things start to look a bit thin or weird next month, don’t worry, the blog isn’t dying.

*San Francisco Bay Area for anyone who’s not managed to figure it out by the museums I go to and sports teams I like.

**Princeton area. So not really New York vicinity, Philadelphia vicinity, nor The Shore. Also, according to what most people tell us, not really New Jersey either. 

I expect to be able to ramp things up again come September* once the move is complete and everything is all set up. Until then, I apologize for the interruption.

*Heck, since I’ll be unemployed starting in September, I’ll have plenty of time to blog.

The good news is that I’ve got a ton of drafts and ideas in the hopper just waiting for me to devote the time to working them out. I’ve also got a massive* backlog of digital photos to process and film to scan.

*For me. 2 months of digital images and a half-dozen rolls of film.

I’ve already visited the area once and managed to take a trip to the Princeton Museum of Art. So I’ll have a trip writeup sometime. I’m looking forward to getting to museums in both New York and Philly as well. Obviously the museums I write about are going to change dramatically—it’s not just due to SFMOMA being closed for three years.

Oh, and there will probably be a bunch of lousy photos of the area as I get them all out of my system.

Thanks for reading.


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