Leaving work. Leaving California.


Saying farewell to my work in the only way I know how. I’ve heavily documented the area using every camera I own. With the move in progress, all I have had available to me is my iPhone. I haven’t been taking as many photo walks as I used to. But in saying farewell to my job and to California over the past week, I’ve been taking some of the old walks and taking photos with the one camera I haven’t used in the area yet.

As of today I’m unemployed and no longer living in California at all. It’s a weird feeling. I’ve worked at my job for longer than I was in either college or high school. I’ve been employed in general now for longer than I was a student in general. I’ve never ever lived outside the Bay Area. This is uncharted territory.

For now it’s goodbyes and poignancy. Once the plane lands, we’ll see what opportunities present themselves.



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