Donell Nixon 1989 Score I mentioned previously that my first big autograph experience in Philadelphia was mainly about cards. And sure there are lots of stories from that trip like Kevin Mitchell, Will Clark, Orlando Cepeda, Hank Aaron, and the Old Timers. But most of the experiences, while I’m glad I had them, kind of blend together into a whirlwind of a weekend.

My childhood autograph binder was roughly organized by event. This wasn’t because of any conscious effort to organize things autobiographically, it’s just that, as I acquired new signatures, they went into the back of the album. I’m trying to figure out how I want to reorganize things now. It’s nice to have the events but it’s also not the best way to present things.

Before I reorganize though, in much the same way that I felt obliged to scan my childhood collection of “old” cards before incorporating them into my current acquisitions, I’m going to post my autographs by event (where appropriate) so I can remember when and where I got them once they’ve been reorganized.


I travelled with 1987 Topps and 1989 Score. I’m not sure why I chose 1987 Topps except that it was my oldest set and I’m pretty sure I liked the idea of getting the oldest cards I had signed. I have no idea why I didn’t take the 1987 Topps Don Robinson although I do like how the 1989 Donruss looks.

I chose the 1986 Earnie Riles instead of 1987 because the 86 was his rookie card. Similarly, the 1988 Matt Williams is his rookie card (I only started getting the Topps Traded set in 1988 so I didn’t have his 1987 Traded card either).

1989 Score on the other hand was a set which I just loved the look of. The action photos were great and the white card stock and semi-gloss finish were a welcome contrast to Topps. It manages to be both photo-centric and colorful and they all look great signed.

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