Second complete project

While the best part of collecting projects is defining the scope and putting the checklist together, there’s an undeniable satisfaction in slipping that last card into the sheet and crossing it off the checklist. Sure my Old Timers project was only eleven cards that I could’ve purchased any time by just throwing money at them, but the slow search to do this on the cheap was a lot of fun.

Cards From the Attic was running a Vintage Set Collect offer for 1960s commons and I was very happy to see the Danny Cater rookie card listed among the commons. I’ve never understood why it got the rookie surcharge to the point where it usually priced out to be the most-expensive card in the project so it was great to get it for closer to a buck instead.

Anyway while I scanned the first seven cards I purchased for my first post and the surprise Bob Veale later, I haven’t scanned the other cards in the project yet.

The Joe Christopher high number is something I found on eBay for a couple bucks. This one again frequently lists for a lot more so I was pleased with the find. It’s also a very nice looking card with a great portrait photograph.

And the 1974 Bill Fahey is cheap common. The main thing here is that I had to figure out which Bill Fahey card to use since he wasn’t one of the 1964 old timers, I went with the 1974 card because I liked the photo and it was the oldest round-number anniversary card of his to go with the 25-year celebration of the 1964 Phillies.

So that takes us to the complete project looking like so.

Loose ends here involve Charlie Wagner and Hank Aaron. Wagner doesn’t fit the 1964 theme either and I really dislike the look of his 1970s TCMA cards. I’ll eventually get a card of some sort but he’s not a core member of the 1964 old timers. Aaron meanwhile is kind of the inspiration of this entire project and so I feel like including him would be nice. But he’s not a priority either and for my purposes I’m drawing a line under this project as being completed to my satisfaction.

Also, Orlando Cepeda is also relevant to this group since he did participate in the Old Timers ceremony. I have his 1964 card in my Giants album however. And I know there’s a program or poster from this game floating around ebay someplace. I don’t need it but it’s another cool bit of ephemera related to this project.

And yeah I’m very happy to have finished this and it’s been a fun way to revisit my beginnings in the hobby and reincorporate them into my current interests.

Author: Nick Vossbrink

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