Merry Christmas from Peter

After Jason, my second Christmas mailing was from Peter. He’d given me a heads-up that he’d come into a duplicate of a card that had my name on it so this envelope was semi-expected and one that I was looking forward to.

Yeah this is pretty exciting. Irvin’s the “affordable” Hall of Famer on these Giants teams but he’s still an extremely desirable card. This one looks great and represents Irvin’s last card with the Giants. I’m very happy to slip it into my binder and come one card closer to the unattainable goal of finishing my 1955 team set. Only 3 left! (but yeah one is Willie Mays and the other is Dusty Rhodes with that stupid “card #1” price premium).

Anyway the reason why this Irvin was attainable is because the back is mis-registered. This is the kind of thing that doesn’t bother me unless the missing portion of the card back is hugely important. But in this case the stats are kind of an afterthought and it’s really the text and cartoon that matter. Also, those are Jim Hegan’s stats peeking onto this card.

But Peter didn’t just include the one Irvin card. This fantastic Ted Kluszewski was also in the envelope. This is probably the definitive card and image of Big Klu’s career with the cut-off sleeves, powerful swing and equally powerful sneer. Some guys are characters who enrich the game’s history and this card captures everything that puts Kluszewski in that category.

Peter, like me, is working on a small project of no-longer extant teams. I’m focusing mostly on the first/last years of a team’s existence with regard to moves and expansion. Peter though is just picking up samples of any teams which no longer exist—including name variations.* While not my focus, I very much appreciate that this is a “Redlegs” card instead of a “Reds” card and that Mr. Redlegs mascot on the uniform is fantastic as well.

*Not sure if he’s doing every single iteration of the Angels name/location silliness though.

The last card in the envelope is this Barry Bonds Donruss Elite card. It’s nice but yeah, compared to the other two there’s not much to say about it besides bemoaning how poorly foil cards tend to scan. You’d think that something shiny like this would light up in the scanner but nope, the exact opposite occurs.

Thanks Peter and Merry Christmas to you too!

Author: Nick Vossbrink

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