Merry Christmas from Otto

A couple days ago I found a plain white envelope from Otto Lehmann in my mailbox. He’d mentioned something about this on Twitter but I had completely forgotten about it whatwith all the other holiday preparations going on.

Inside was this wonderful 1958 Jim Lemon card. There are a couple pinholes and  some tape marks but it still looks pretty nice. The orange color is one that’s not on any of my Giants cards—a shame given the Giants colors—and it’s nice to have a sample from this set that’s not using solid process colors.* I also really dig that logo and how old it feels. Some of the 1950s logos feel timeless, this one though feels like something produced in the 1940s for government usage.

*Most of my 1958 Giants cards are yellow, cyan or red (100% magenta + 100% yellow)

This fits in with my moves/expansion project as the pre-Twins original Senators are one of those teams that was ancient history to me when I was a kid. This is my second card from that team (I have a wonderful 1960 Cookie Lavagetto) and it’s great to get a view of that cap with the boring block W instead of the cool script W that they used in the late 60s and which the current Nationals have kept as their primary cap logo.

Very cool and thanks Otto!

Author: Nick Vossbrink

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