PWE Trade with Angels in Order

So I had a couple of trades come in just before Christmas but with the kids off of school I haven’t had a chance to blog about them properly until now.

The first is a small plain white envelope trade from Tom over at Angels in Order. He’d picked up a box set of Oscar Meyer Superstar Round Up Pop Up Discs and after picking the Angels out was offering the rest for trade. Aside from the Angels, Tom collects checklists* and I had a bunch that weren’t on his list. So I sent offered those in exchange for the Jack McDowell and a trade was born.

*While I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for checklist cards they still aren’t things I feel like holding on to so it’s great to know who to send them to.

I am a sucker for discs, food issues, and weird stuff like pop-ups so this card is kind of perfect for me. As much as the Stanford project can feel like a collection of collections, it also allows me to focus on only specific cards instead of getting sidetracked into an oddball mania.

Part of me really wants to pop this up. The other part of me just knows that I’ll end up ripping the card if I do so. Plus it’s not like I’ll be able to display this popped up. But I’m still tempted to do so since there’s also a lot of stuff going on in actually manufacturing a little device like this that has embedded movable paper portions which you can manipulate in order to make the outside move.

Anyway this is very cool and a wonderful addition to my collection.

Tom also used a bunch of junk wax to stiffen the envelope. Only he checked my set need lists and used ten cards that I needed for my set builds.

First off, four 1990 Fleers which take me to missing only 35 to complete the set. None of the cards in this set are rare but it’s nice to see that most of the 35 I’m missing are true commons too.

And the six 1990 Upper Decks take my search there to missing only 43. I need mostly commons here too (though I am missing all the Bo Jacksons) and it’s going to be interesting to see these two 1990 sets race to the finish line.

Thanks for the trade Tom!

Author: Nick Vossbrink

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