Sustaining vs Development

So I just passed a big milestone in my Stanford project. I still have 8 Topps (or related) cards missing* but I now have cards of every Stanford Alumnus** who appeared in the majors and actually has had a Major League card produced.*** This is pretty cool.

*1962 Doug Camilli (high number Rookie Parade featuring Bob Uecker), 1966 Doug Camilli (high number), 2013 Sam Fuld (Tampa Bay Rays team set only), 2002 Traded Rick Helling (oddly impossible to find), 1965 Jim Lonborg (high number rookie), 1968 Jim Lonborg (just more expensive than expected), 1970 Jim Lonborg (high number), and 2010 John Mayberry (Phillies team set only).

**As always I’m counting guys who either graduated or entered the pros out of Stanford. So players like Bobby Brown who went to other colleges after don’t count for me.

***I have Minor League cards of a few guys who never got Major League cards despite appearing there.

The card which took me past that milestone is this Bob Kammeyer Wiz 1970s Yankees card. Kammeyer’s career stats are kind of a disaster so I’m not surprised this is his only card. This Wiz card isn’t much to write about either with a design that looks like it was supposed to be printed in two colors but which is actually printed in four-color process. Still, these all-time-franchise-roster sets are a lot of fun and I wish the Giants had had one at some point.

Passing the milestone though is great and allowed me to think about taking a project from development into sustaining mode. For a while now I’ve been filling holes and trying to complete things. Moving forward, my concern will be just staying on top of new releases. A very different mindset but one I’m looking forward to.

My Stanford searchlist will continue to exist but will increasingly track just active players. My card acquisition will likewise go way down as I expect there to be only a handful of players with cards each year. The project will never end but I can draw a line under it. It’s not something I can work on now. I just have to take care of it.

Author: Nick Vossbrink

Blogging about Photography, Museums, Printing, and Baseball Cards from both Princeton New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area. On Twitter as @vossbrink, WordPress at, and the web at

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