Poricy Park

A couple weeks ago I got to accompany my son’s class on a field trip to Poricy Park. As the kids get older we all realize that our opportunities to accompany them on field trips are running out and going fossil hunting was a fun one.

Poricy Brook is loaded with fossils from the Navesink Formation. Nothing huge, just all kinds of Cretaceous shellfish. But it’s great to just be able to wade along a creek and pick up fossils wherever you step. We had a perfect day with it being clear and sunny but not too hot. The previous couple days of rain had churned up a lot of new specimens. As a result all the kids were able to hit their five-fossil limit and then so. They were tossing stuff back into the creek for the last 15 minutes of the dig.


And a few photos of the kinds of fossils the kids found. These are all brachiopods although one shows boring traces caused by sponges. I don’t have any photos of the fossilized squid ancestor which is a very cool translucent rock.


Author: Nick Vossbrink

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