Season Stolen

So today was going to be a big day. The first day of spring break and we were going to go to our first ballgame of the season. This would be adding another park to my life list plus both boys can count the number of Major League games they’ve been to on only one hand. I’d even procured a couple Greg Luzinski cards just in case.*

*Last year he was always signing at his restaurant out in left field.

No need to go into what happened but instead of spending last month doing the research and acquiring cards for the upcoming Trenton and Somerset seasons, I’ve been homeschooling the boys and have only gone out one time in the last three weeks to stock up on food. I can’t complain. We’ve been healthy. We have a house and a yard. We can afford to buy a month’s worth of food at one go. We’ve got a ton of movies on DVD/Blu in addition to Disney+ and Amazon. At the same time though I can’t help but feel sad for the time and experiences we’re going to miss and never be able to get back.

Last year was magical. One of those perfect moments of parenthood when I got to enjoy my hobbies and interests with my kids. I loved watching them get hooked into baseball and autograph collecting. I love even more that it was our thing that we shared and that they’d come back from a game excited about the game and eager to share their experiences and show who they got to their mother.

After our last game last year it’s no understatement to say that I was excited for this coming year. We all were. Now that that’s no longer happening, I’ve had to swallow my disappointment and help my kids focus on the good things going on now.

Yes good things despite how scary life in New Jersey feels.

As much as we (all of us) can’t tear ourselves away from the ever-increasing numbers and the fear that we’ll lose someone we know and love, there’s something comforting and amazing in the fact that we’re living through one of the rare moments in history when the vast majority of the world is in complete agreement about what humanity’s priority should be.

Finding a vaccine and developing treatments is the single scientific focus right now. Like 90% of the people out there are doing what they can to protect themselves and everyone else. Most of us are outraged and appalled by the abhorrent assholes who are trying to profit off of massive-scale death and suffering.

These are strange and scary times but also exciting ones because of the potential to see what we can achieve in the coming months.

Am I overly optimistic here? A little. I know that once the death numbers start dropping it’s going to be impossible for us to keep our discipline long enough to really kill the number of new cases. Hopefully by then we’ll have new treatments and ramped up capacity (both testing and hospital beds) to properly react to the inevitable second spike of infection. And hopefully that spike occurs much closer to the vaccine’s release so we don’t have to endure a third.

A month ago feels like years ago. I can only imagine how a month from today might feel like years into the future. Until then we’ll be hunkering down as a family. Reading books. Watching movies. Playing catch. Knocking a soccer ball around. Facetiming relatives. And yes looking at baseball cards.

Author: Nick Vossbrink

Blogging about Photography, Museums, Printing, and Baseball Cards from both Princeton New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area. On Twitter as @vossbrink, WordPress at, and the web at

10 thoughts on “Season Stolen”

  1. While my kids don’t enjoy baseball like yours do, we had a cruise scheduled to leave the day after school got out. Needless to say we had to re-schedule that cruise to the end of summer with the hopes things will be “normal” by then.

    Probably the thing that has been the hardest to swallow is seeing my kids react to the news that school may be canceled for the rest of this school year. They are both at the age where they still love school. My youngest also learned her best friends are moving and the idea she won’t see them again (in person) brought her to tears.

    Wee too have been making the best out of a crappy situation. I recently bought a new big tv for the living room and subscribed to Disney+ to keep the wife and kids occupied. We just finished watching all the Marvel MCU movies in chronological order.

    These definitely are some crazy times we are living in and crazier to think we’ll all be in the history books some day. We’ll get through this, I’m confident in that, but all the memories that could have been made this spring/summer…well that’s still a tough pill to swallow.

  2. Great post. One for the archives for sure. That’s a real bummer about missing the game… but I think it’s pretty cool that you have actually tickets to keep for the scrapbook. I can’t remember the last time I received an actual ticket to attend a game. These days… I’m always printing out an email or showing my phone. I would love to go back and start using ticket stubs all over again.

    1. That’s a great point. I’ve not received tickets or stubs for any of the games I’ve actually attended with the boys so OF COURSE the game that got cancelled has stubs.

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