Free Stuff from Friday

One of the cool things going on around the hobby blogosphere has been a number of blogs doing giveaways, contests, and games every Friday. Since Friday is family movie night* I usually only find out about these things on Saturday at the earliest—by which point most of the stuff has already been throughly picked over and claimed.

*Well, every night is potentially movie night now but Friday and Saturday are guaranteed ones.

This isn’t a complaint. As much as I enjoy trading, I don’t read blogs to get free stuff.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Kerry at Cards on Cards posted a bunch of late-80s boxed sets that he was breaking up and sending the commons out to anyone who wanted them. Coincidentally, I had been looking through my late-80s set binders with the kids and found all my “this card is in the autograph binder” placeholder cards. Many of these holes were in my Traded sets since I never accumulated duplicates there.

I also found that I was missing some cards of players for the Stanford and Giants albums hat would be nice to have. I don’t need them but it’s nice to have one in both the complete set and the project. I wouldn’t do this for anything spendy but late-80s junk wax? Why not.

So I put in a claim for a bunch of Giants and Stanford players and a week or so later these arrived.

Marquess, Robbins, and Sprague are all replacements for cards I got signed 30 years ago. McDowell goes into the Stanford binder so I can better represent his full career there.

Matt Williams is a new card. For whatever reason I never grabbed it before. I do like the Donruss Rookies sets and it’s especially nice when a player is featured in multiple Donruss sets to you can build a rainbow of sorts.

Manwaring, Riles, and Brantley meanwhile all go in the Giants album since I already have their cards in the set album.

Since Kerry likes to only ship six cards in a plain white envelope but I requested eight cards, I actually found two envelopes in my mailbox. inside were not just the cards I had claimed—two envelopes means a dozen cards.

Three of the bonus cards were these 2012 Topps Gold Cards. The Whiteside is a nice photo and it’s always great to get an Affeldt card since he’s such a fan favorite.

The fourth bonus card though caught me by surprise. This isn’t me gushing over a hot rookie, this card finishes my 2019 Stadium Club set. The only one I was missing. I was waiting for the prices to fall since he was stupid expensive last year. He’s still not a common price.

I was expecting to pick up some redundant junk wax for the project binders. I was not expecting to finish my most-recent Stadium Club set. Super cool Kerry. Thanks!

Author: Nick Vossbrink

Blogging about Photography, Museums, Printing, and Baseball Cards from both Princeton New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area. On Twitter as @vossbrink, WordPress at, and the web at

3 thoughts on “Free Stuff from Friday”

  1. Very cool of Kerry to hook you up with that rookie card to finish your set. The generosity floating around our community is a great example for society.

  2. Neat free stuff and that’s awesome of Kerry to send you that Vlad Jr.! That’s the kind of thing you see on the blogs and nowhere else.

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