A couple small maildays

The last week or so I received a couple small mail days which I need to catch up on. The first is from my committee co-chair Jason who’s been busy blinging out junk wax cards and turning them into artcard fundraising exercises.

He decided to send one of his creations to me so now I have this glittery 1980 Willie McCovey highlight. It’s very glittery but thankfully the glitter is attached to the paper well enough that nothing else is glittery. One card like this is fun. Having it infect the rest of my cards. Less fun.

Any moment now Jason’s going to discover holographic film and things are going to get well and truly wild.

The second mailing came from Matt over at Bob Walk the Plank.* Two years ago he withdrew from blogging and commenced on a grand reorganization** project. It seems like the past three months of lockdown have been good for his productivity as he’s found a number of cards that had no business being in his collection and started sending them out to better places.

*Who I just realized was missing from my endorsements page listing everyone in the hobby that I can vouch for. Sorry Matt, you’re on there now even though you don’t need it since half of Card Twitter has traded with you.

**My understanding is that Matt would contest the “re” part of this statement.

This means that I got a small envelope of shiny Giants parallels. Nothing fancy but all the kind of thing I refuse to seek since I refuse to play Topps’s artificial scarcity game. As a Giants fan though I do have to admit that I enjoy a good black parallel and this Scutaro mini certainly fits the bill. Do I care that it’s numbered out of 5? Not really. But I love being reminded of the rain game and seeing a card in the Giants team colors is always good.

The Bumgarner is also a mini. Apparently the gold mini parallels are numbered to 62 instead of 2013. No idea why. Don’t really care. But the gold is also a look that I have fond memories of due to 1992 provoking some nostalgia feels.

Two more gold parallels. OR at least I think that Schmidt Bowman is gold. I don’t know it’s also numbered to something under 100 and has a bit more sheen to it so maybe it’s a refractor? Anyway it’s the kind of shiny card that my youngest loves and which is vastly underrepresented in my sets

The Crawford meanwhile is the traditional numbered to 2015 gold parallel. I like 2015’s design a lot with all the color but I also like what Topps did with the Golds this year. That the cards look good in both versions says a lot about the strength of the design.

And finally, two base cards to fill out the package. Fence Busters is a callback to the 1967 Mays/McCovey card. I really wish that it showed Pence and Posey since a Pence Buster Fencer Busters card is the kind of stupid thing I enjoy. Marco Luciano is technically an insert since it’s a chrome prospect. Hopefully I’ll get to see him come through Richmond at some point.

Thanks guys!

Author: Nick Vossbrink

Blogging about Photography, Museums, Printing, and Baseball Cards from both Princeton New Jersey and the San Francisco Bay Area. On Twitter as @vossbrink, WordPress at njwv.wordpress.com, and the web at vossbrink.net

7 thoughts on “A couple small maildays”

  1. Oh man, you would NOT be happy if the glitter spread to your whole collection! (But then again…hmm.) Shameless plug here for your other readers. I take requests and all money goes directly to charity. HeavyJStudios.wordpress.com for more info.

  2. I remember buying a box of cards at the flea market a few years ago with glitter scattered throughout it. It took about a month’s worth of vacuuming to completely get it out of the carpet in my office. Lol. I’m sure there’s still some that has settled deep into the shag.

    P.S. That Schmidt refractor looks awesome! It’s like pink and orange.

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