And now for something completely different

A couple years ago Shlabotnik Report had a blog post about acquiring cards for stupid pop culture reasons which turned my attention toward the 1966 Brooke Bond Tea “Trees In Britain” card #1, The Larch. I immediately had to buy a copy for myself too. If you know you know and are already giggling.

No need to scan my copy of the same card but it got me thinking about other possibilities. Since I already made a joke on here about my Charles I card not including vital information on the back* I realized that I should search for the obvious card to pair with it.

*The most interesting thing about King Charles the First is that he was 5 foot 6 inches tall at the start of his reign but only 4 foot 8 inches tall at the end of it.

Lo and behold it was there waiting for me on COMC.

Ogden’s Cigarettes to the rescue. Very very cool. And look the back even starts off with the right lyric.

I don’t have much more to say about this except that I love that the Ogden’s set exists and that so many of them are so affordable despite being 120 years old. No need to build anything it’s just a wonderful grab bag of stuff.

Here’s the pair together as they’ll be displayed in my binder. Very nice and sure to get a certain group of people earworming Chopin when they encounter them.

What other cards can I add to this theme? I do have my eyes out for an Albatross card.* WG Grace as the head of God is cool but his cards are never cheap. It’s a shame there’s no set of cheeses. I’ll have to think some more.

*Would love the 1888 Ginter but anything that old is a crapshoot.

Author: Nick Vossbrink

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9 thoughts on “And now for something completely different”

  1. I hadn’t thought of Albatross cards… which in turn made me think of Llamas. ¡Quidado, Llamas!

    In the mid-1990s NASCAR driver Lake Speed (yep, that’s his name) drove a car sponsored by Spam, and there are a few cards which reflect that sponsorship – mainly shots of the #9 Spam Ford.

  2. Maybe the “Castle Aaargh” (Scotland’s Castle Stalker) appeared on a British history card? Other options:

    – English military formations
    – Vikings team cards
    – Sahara or Antarctic cards
    – Bunnies
    – Salmon (as in the tainted mousse)
    – Cards of guys named Brian

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