As soon as the Colorwheels pages taper off in the 1970s, my Candlestick pages pick up the slack. I picked up a decent amount of the early 1970s ones from COMC last year and the binder is really starting to take shape.

The first year I’ve been able to find multiple obvious Candlestick photos is 1972. As much as I enjoy the under construction photos, it’s nice to have some of the other key Candlestick details such as the chain link fences or on-field bullpens which show up in the two In Action cards.

1973’s action photos show a lot more of the field. Not as many which show the whole stadium but there are some like the Eddie Matthews which do.

It’s interesting in 1974 that I have two American League teams represented. I should probably switch up for some more photo and color variety but I probably won’t do anything intentionally.

1975 meanwhile needs no variety. One very nice thing is that the photos are taken all over the field his year so the background shows different parts of the stands.

1976 isn’t as varied as 1975 but the larger photos show a lot more of the stadium. I should probably look for more 1977s to replace some of the Braves on here but it’s a good mix of stadium details. I especially like the Lou Brock which, despite the out of focus background, is clearly at Candlestick.

Into the pages I didn’t update from COMC. With my recently-completed 1978 set there’s no 1978 page. Would be nice to put a Hostess page together for each set but for now I’m just looking for a couple from each year. And yeah I should try completing my 1979 page since the big photos are really nice.

I’ve added a few to my 1980s and 1990s pages but they all look like the one above with their multiple sets and years. I have more scans in my previous post so there’s not much more to add here. The thing about these years is that I don’t feel like seeking cards out and as a result just add them as I come across them. It’s definitely a fun way to look at junk commons.

Author: Nick Vossbrink

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4 thoughts on “Candlestick”

  1. I feel like 25% of the photos that Topps used during the 70’s were taken either at Candlestick or the Coliseum. Not complaining though… I love seeing both ballparks on my baseball cards.

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