All I ever learned about photography I learned from ______

Inspired by the idea of clichés and influence, musings on how people try and copy certain photography masters. Some of these also have some overlap with the [internet photographer] meme parody.

Henri Cartier Bresson — All I need to do is wander around with a Leica taking street photos.

Ansel Adams — All I need is a pretty mountain with clouds.

Robert Capa — All I need to do is get closer.

Richard Prince — All I need is a good lawyer.

Garry Winogrand — All I need to do is burn more film.

Robert Frank — All I need to do is take blurry black and white photos of poor people.

Weegee — All I need is a dead body.

Richard Avedon — All I need to do is include the edge markings of my film.

Steve McCurry — All I need is a Nikkor 105/2.5.

Note: Yes, I know better. These are all western white males on purpose.

A suggestion for next year

Another idea I had for my love letter to a piece of art. I refuse to spend this much effort on a web contest. But the idea is too good not to put out there in case someone wants to do it correctly.

The work of art in question. And a fantastic blogpost about how to conserve it. I wish I’d have known about that blogpost when I wrote my post on Archival Life as it’s highly relevant to the discussion and further points out that the idea that something should be kept from aging* is not the best way to think about art.

*An idea which is all too prevalent in photography circles.

And yes, technically, it should be 325 found Valentines or drawn hearts rather than ~100.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Another year, another love letter challenge from SFMOMA. This year was harder since I set the bar so high last year. Thankfully, my real goal is the same as last year’s goal: just be clever and make people laugh.

This year, I chose to write to Jeff Koons’s Self Portrait.


As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t really stand Koons. But the fact that he elicits such a strong negative reaction is fun. His self portrait in particular cracked me up when I saw it. How often do you immediately laugh at something you can’t stand? Only in a museum.

How can you not love that?

In any case, I’m pretty sure I won’t win again. But at least this entry made it to SFMoMA’s Tumblr in all its animated glory.

This project has also started me thinking about scenarios where I may actually like Koons’s work. Maybe in an exhibition with Tobias Wong, Cindy Sherman’s history or society portraits, and Takashi Murakami? Could work. Such an exhibition would get the “that’s not art” brigade out in full force too. That’s always fun as well.


Sesame Street wins the internet for the day.

And this is still one of my favorite books.

[internet photographer]

I had to stop after the Winogrand and Geddes ones. Not sure I can top them. Not sure it’s even worth trying to do so.

Okay, one more.

The best, but…

Saving these for posterity. Yes, Bojan appears to be able to finish threads better than he can finish chances.

In any case, this is all silliness over the inanity about trying to pick the best soccer player in the world. Last time I tried trolling I ended up writing about Xavi. This time it made sense to be silly.

My true feelings:

Late edit:

For anyone who doesn’t know who Dimonio is. Best. Mascot. Ever.



Enjoyed this too much not to save it.

Also, Johnny Concept was my favorite. Though I’m kicking myself for not being awake enough to suggest Johnny Destiny for Calvin.

Godwin’s Law

I ran across these while digging through my tweet archive in search of some other comments. Sadly, this is probably too obscure to be an internet rule.


How to stay sane while watching kids play.