Baltz (verb) — To take photographs in the style of Lewis Baltz. In particular, black and white photographs of industrial parks.

Baltzy (adjective) — Used to describe neighborhoods which show potential for baltzing expeditions. Also used to describe the results of said expeditions.

My previously-posted work is very baltzy and is from the same neighborhood around my workplace as these shots. Come to think of it, I’ve never not worked in a baltzy neighborhood. no wonder this type of work just feels like home to me.

three squares
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Hogwarts and sports

Way back in January, I made a comment about the Hogwarts houses as they equate to baseball players.

FYI, houses of Harry Potter in baseball terms:
Hufflepuff: Kirk Reuter
Ravenclaw: Greg Maddux
Gryffindor: Brian Wilson
Slytherin: Roger Clemens

Then yesterday I made a similar comment on twitter:

Yes, I probably should have chosen Puyol for Gryffindor instead of Piqué.

I like the Harry Potter books. I don’t love them. But one thing I think J.K. Rowling did get perfect was the general attributes of the four houses at Hogwarts. Definitely more fun and easier to remember than any Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

They’re also almost particularly suited for evaluating athletes and avoiding a lot of the standard athletic clichés.

Gorilla girls

The original question is very close to the one I keep at hand for whenever I hear someone suggesting that the art world isn’t sexist. I challenge people to name three non-photographer female artists since most of the famous female artists people know of are photographers and I want to force them into the other arts.

When I first came up with the question, I was shocked to realize that the three most-famous female artists were all married to famous men. I suppose it’s at least refreshing that none of them changed their names.

My answer, while flip, does have a point beyond the wise-assery. Are those three women famous because of their art, or did they get a boost from their famous partners? And does it matter?