While I’ve mentioned card and autograph collecting on and off throughout the life of this blog, it only became a big part of my posting activity in 2017 when I got pulled back into the card collecting world by the SABR Baseball Cards blog.

I’ve since joined SABR and taken up posting on that blog as well. You can read just my posts but I’d encourage everyone to read the entire blog as it’s dedicated to the fun parts of the hobby, remembering the joy that collecting brought us as kids, and writing about the history of cards and how they’ve intersected with our lives and beyond.

I’m also blogging about cards and collecting here. SABR is generally not a “talk about your collection” kind of blog so unless a post can make a connection beyond “this is what I have” it will end up here. There’s also no guarantee that I’ll just talk about card collecting. Autographs and other ephemera are also fair game and fall outside the scope of the SABR blog.

Wantlists and projects

One of the fun things about reintegrating into the hobby has been finding a number of like-minded peers who are enjoying trading over the internet. Real trading rather than market-price stuff. We all have dupes or find things that someone else will like. We all have our own particular wantlists and projects. And we all enjoy seeing someone else geek out over a card which fills a hole in their quest.

I’m no exception. I’ve enjoyed sending cards out. It’s a joy when I actually have something someone else wants or needs (this happens rarely given the junk wax nature of my collection). And it’s fun to compile and list my wantlists and explain my projects. Oh, and it’s fun to receive surprise cards in the mail.

I’ve got two current projects I’m working on. The first is Giants Team sets up to 1993 (for Topps). I need to figure out what I want to do with 1994, the strike, and beyond. The second is Stanford Alumni, a quest which will take me into the 1990s and 2000s. I’ve also got a random wantlist of various less-thought-out interests and a wantlist for sets I’m building, planning to build, or have enough cards of that momentum suggests I build.

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