A running list of people on Card Twitter (and beyond) from whom I’ve received trade packages or who have been stand-up people to buy from. Each of these lists is in alphabetical order by Twitter handle since that’s how I know everyone.

Trading partners

I still want to send reply packages for some of these but I blog about everything I receive for free or in trade since it’s both the easiest way to show gratitude and it allows for me to vouch for other people’s reputations.


I don’t usually write “look what I’ve bought” posts but I do have a short list of people from whom I’ve purchased cards either through Twitter/blogs or who are present on Twitter but sell elsewhere. Many of these are guys who I’ve traded with (or at least who’ve sent me packages) and while I can’t always reciprocate on a trade I will take part in their sales.


And while I’m not usually interested in breaks and the idea of gambling for hits, I’ve enjoyed taking part in a few base-card-focused breaks.