I’m a museum person. I actively seek out local exhibitions—especially those concerning photography—and they’re a huge part of any traveling I do. And it’s not just Art museums. I love History and Science museums too.

For me, a huge part of the museum experience is paying attention to the curation and thinking about how things are displayed, what’s missing, and what kind of context is given. I also really enjoy being aware of what other museumgoers are saying and how they’re reacting to the displays.

Thanks to the San José Museum of Art having the best reciprocal benefits package in the area, I’m able to visit most of the local museums (and purchase catalogs from their bookstores) for a discount.

When I’m not visiting museums, I’m thinking about how museums and art are displayed and preserved.

I’m also interacting with museums over the web.* The web has turned out to be a fantastic way for museums to interact with people outside of just the museum construct. It allows for engagement and interaction with art beyond just in exhibitions and it’s a lot of fun to be involved and participating in this area.

*Especially SFMoMA. Because SFMoMA is especially adept at this whole online thing.

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