First off, a portfolio of my photographic work is at

I’m also on tumblr at

And I have a few Exposure stories at

For new readers interested in old posts, the best place to begin is my Hello Everybody blogpost.

When I started this blog, I did not expect it to turn into as much of a photography blog as it has. I expected the photography category to be for posts mining my photostream as I tried and make sense of what I’ve produced. Instead I’ve found that I’m posting a lot about the nature of photography and photographs.

I follow a lot of photography blogs and photography people on twitter. There’s always some meta-narrative going on and I’ve found that I’m as interested in thinking about what I’m doing as I am in actually doing it. My thoughts generally go beyond what’s feasible within a tweet or blog comment and anyway, the best way to respond to someone else’s blogpost is to write your own.

I also see a lot of photography in museums and look at photobooks. I try to post reviews of what I see. Those reviews all end up in the photography category as well.

While I’m writing, I am also posting a lot of my own work. These are marked by the photographs category. The purpose of those postings is to work through my photographic identity. A number of those postings did indeed help me put together my portfolio.

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