Random Wantlist

A wantlist of more random things, many of them are covering concepts and interests which I’m working on but haven’t fully thought through yet. Others are just stuff which I liked the look of.

The last of my Old Timers wantlist. I have all the 1964 guys so I’m only missing the one guy who doesn’t have a Topps card. 
Charlie Wagner

1969 or 1970 Astros from Ball Four

Any printing plate card but preferably a Topps flagship one.


Expanding on my SABR post about these.

1959 Topps Baseball Thrills #464 (Mays)
1962 Topps In Action # 313, 314, 317, 318
Upper Deck (or any other brand) multiple-exposure action cards
1997 Topps Screenplays
1998 Premier Instant Replay


Expanding on my SABR post about these.

Upper Deck Walter Iooss collection
Upper Deck VJ Lovero
Sporting News Charles Conlon
Any other Photographer-branded cards eg Barry Colla, Doug McWilliams, Ed/Rob Broder

1967 Kabaya-Leaf Japanese cards
1960s Japanese Menko cards
1970s Calbee Japanese cards
1970s Yamakatsu Japanese cards


I’ve been gradually increasing my interest in Major League Baseball cards which aren’t in English. Of special note are those which were intended for issue in the US to a non-English-speaking market such as the 1978 Topps Zest set.

O Pee Chee and Leaf Canadian issues
Venezuelan Topps
Spanish-language 1990s Pacific or Pacific Crown
1994 Topps Spanish
1989 Bimbo discs
1991 Kelloggs Leyendas
World Baseball Classic Spanish-language cards.

oddballs/regionals/food issue

any box bottom or box side cards, trimmed or untrimmed
anything regional or food-based
anything Will Clark or Giants
Denny’s Holograms
Kellogg’s 3D
King B discs
M&Ms Star Lineup
Jumbo Sunflower Seeds

Pre-1958 PCL issues

Obak T212
Mothers Cookies
1948 Signal Oil Oakland Oaks

Related to Moves/expansion

As introduced in my post about 1961 Topps.

1952 Boston Braves
1952-1953 St Louis Browns
1952-1954 Philadelphia A’s
1953 Boston/Milwaukee Braves
1954-1965 Milwaukee Braves (mainly 54/65)
1954 Orioles
1955-1966 Kansas City A’s (especially 1955)
1956 Milwaukee Braves Team
1956 Orioles Team
1956 Kansas City A’s Team
1957 Brooklyn Dodgers (and before, 1957 team)
1957 Brooklyn Dodgers Team
1958 LA Dodgers (team)
1959 LA Dodgers Team
1960 Senators (and before) (56–60 team)
1961 Angels
1961-71 Senators (mainly 61 and 71)
1962–1964 Colt 45s
1962 Mets
1963 Mets team
1963 Colt 45s team
1965 Astros (especially series 1)
1965 Milwaukee Braves (team)
1969 Padres
1970 Seattle Pilots (team)
1970 Padres team
1970 Expos team
1970 Royals team
1971 Brewers (team)
1974 Topps Washington cards (McCovey, Colbert, or Jones)
1977 Blue Jays (team leaders)
1977 Mariners leaders
1998 Diamondbacks
1998 Devil Rays

Topps Gold

While I have the factory and traded sets from 1992 and 1993 I didn’t realize at the time that the checklists had been replaced with players in the Gold series. This is also true with 1994. So I’ve been building the extra cards for a master set of sorts. All are complete except for 1992 Traded. 

1992 Topps Traded Gold #132T Kerry Woodson

Player collections

Outside of Giants or Stanford stuff I’m not running any explicit player collections yet. But there are a few guys outside of the obvious stars who I’ve started to collect just for themselves no matter who they’re playing for.

Del Baker
Bobby Bonds
Glenn Burke
Scott Erickson
Tito Fuentes
Atlee Hammaker