Stanford Wantlist

A wantlist of Stanford Alumni. Focusing on Topps Flagship unless Topps never gave him a card in which case anything goes. I’m not against other brands, I’m just not focusing on them unless they cover something that Topps didn’t. The main reason is that I treat Topps Flagship as the “card of record” (so to speak). The other reason is that there have been so many sets—especially in the years I missed away from the hobby—that I need to keep the search parameters in check.

I’m also looking for oddball, regional, and non-English-language releases for anyone on here. I have a few of these listed but the wonderful thing about this hobby is that there’s so much to discover in oddball land. Also, while there are a couple Topps NOW cards on this list they’re not actually cards I’m actively seeking unless the price is right.

Anything red is part of the original Topps searchlist.
Anything blue is a player who’s not represented in my binder yet.
Anything green represents a missing player/team/year combination.
Anything grey is a card which I have a reprint of.
Anything struckthrough is supposedly in transit.
Anything italicized is supposedly “on my pile” with a trading partner.


Active players

Guys who have appeared in the Majors and have not retired yet.

Mark Appel (Have 2022–2023)

Alex Blandino (Have 2018–2021)
2018 Kahn’s Cincinnati Reds
2020 Kahn’s Cincinnati Reds

Kris Bubic (Have 2021–2022)

Jason Castro (Have 2012–2022)

Tommy Edman (Have 2019–2023)

Nico Hoerner (Have 2019B–2022)

Drew Jackson (Have 2019H)

Jed Lowrie (Have 2008–2022)

Stephen Piscotty (Have 2016–2022)

Cal Quantrill (Have 2019–2023)

Austin Slater (Have 2017, 2019–2022H)

Kyle Stowers (Have 2023)

Active High Draft Picks

These guys haven’t yet made it to the majors but have Bowman, Heritage Minors, or Pro Debut cards available which I will happily stick in my binder.

Tristan Beck (Have 2018 Panini)
Quinn Brodey (Have 2017B, 2018 Debut)
Colton Hock (Have 2017B)
Jack Little (Have 2019B)
Erik Miller (Have 2019B)
Brendan Beck (have 2021B)

Retired Players

Guys who have appeared in the majors and have officially announced their retirement.

Jeff Ballard (Have 1988–1992)
1988 French Bray Orioles #34

Bob Boone (Have 1973–1990)
1974 Johnny Pro Stand-up
1978 Hostess #29
1981 Topps Home Team Photos Phillies

Doug Camilli (Have 1962–1965, 1967, and 1973)
1962 Topps #594

Sam Fuld (Have 2008, 2011, 2014, 2015)
2012 Sega Card-Gen #156
2013 Topps Tampa Bay Rays #TAM13

Mike Gosling (Have 2004)
2007 Kahn’s Cincinnati Reds

Jeremy Guthrie (Have 2003–2005 and 2007–2015)
2004 Donruss Super Estrellas #45

Brian Johnson (Have 1994, 1999, 2001)
1999 Kahn’s Cincinnati Reds
2000 Kansas City Royals Police

Brian Keyser (Have 1996UD)
1996 Dannon Chicago White Sox

Jack McDowell (Have 1988–1997)
1990 Coca Cola Chicago White Sox
1992 Kodak Chicago White Sox

Mike Mussina (Have 1992–2009)
1993 Bens Bakers Discs #13

Bruce Robinson (Have 1979 and 1981)
1992 The Wiz New York Yankees 1970s #135

Don Rose (Have 1973)
1991 The Wiz New York Mets #335

Ed Sprague (Have 1988–2001)
1994 Oh Henry
2000 Keebler San Diego Padres #15

No modern Flagship cards

Sort of the opposite of the High Draft Picks crew of players who never made it to the bigs yet got cards. Some of these guys exist in minor league team sets which I haven’t researched much at all. Many of the older guys show up on various pre-war cards which, while cool, are all probably outside the scope of this project both in terms of availability and affordability—though I am perfectly happy including reprints in this collection. As such this section is more for research purposes than card-acquisition purposes.

Jeremy Bleich (Have 2010 Pro Debut)

Bert Delmas (Have 1990 Target Dodgers)

Johnny Couch (Have 1916 & 1919–21 Zeenuts, and 1994 Conlon)
1926 Zeenut
1929 Zeenut

Steve Davis (Have 1981 TCMA)

Jim Hibbs (Have 1979 Fritsch)

Bill McGilvray
1910 Old Mill Cigarettes T210

Ernie Nevers (Have 1992 Conlon)
1927 Middy Bread Die-Cut
1929 Zeenut
1930 Zeenut

Cord Phelps (Have 2011 Choice)

Tillie (Arthur) Shafer
1910-11 M116 Sporting Life #233
1912 General Baking D304
1913 Fatima Teams T200 New York Giants

Zeb Terry (have 1921 American Caramel)
1917 Collins-McCarthy E135 #171
1917 Zeenut
1922 E121 American Caramel

No Cards At All

A subset of the “No Modern Flagship” section listing guys who played in the majors but whose names return nothing on the Trading Card Database. I don’t count them as part of the project since there’s nothing to collect but I need to list them just the same.

Bob Reece—Montreal 1978 (made a custom for the project)
Harvey Shank—CA 1970 (have autographed index cards for the project)
Charlie Swindells—StL 1904

Grey areas

Players who went to Stanford but never played on the team or who played on the team but ended up transferring to other schools afterwards. I’m adding them to the albums as I encounter cards (especially oddballs) but they’re not a priority. Still, getting the run of flagship cards would be nice.

Bobby Brown (Have 1950B–1952B)
1949 Bowman #19

Shawn Greene (Have 1992–94T, 96T, 98–08T)
1995 Topps #514
1995 Topps Traded #13T
1997 Topps #214
2003 Topps #344 NL Runs Scored Leaders
2003 Topps #345 NL Home Run Leaders

Bill Wakefield (completed 1964T–1966T)
Ken Williams (completed 1987D–1992S)

Completed players

While no longer part of the explicit wantlist, I’ll always interested in non-Flagship Topps cards, non-Topps cards, and especially oddball cards of these guys. The wonderful thing about oddballs is that even though I have a decent number of them listed in the searchlist there’s no way I can know about all of them.

Willie Adams (1992 and 1997–1998)
Mike Aldrete (1987–1992)
Dusty Allen (2001 Ultra)
Ruben Amaro (1992–1993)
Johnny Ash (2004SP)
Jeff Austin (2002)
Joe Borchard (2002–2003 and 2006)
Eric Bruntlett (2008)
Steve Buechele (1986–1995)
Steve Carver (1998B)
Frank Carey (1990PC)
Paul Carey (1994)
Chris Carter (2008–09)
Tony Cogan (2003–2004UD)
Jason Cooper (2002B, 2002UD)
Brian Dallimore (2004)
Erik Davis (2011B)
Mark Davis (1992)
Kenny Diekroger (2012EEE)
Steve Dunning (1971–1973 and 1978)
Frank Duffy (1971–1979)
Chuck Essegian (1958–1963)
Dave Frost (1979–1983)
John Gall (2006T52)
Bob Gallagher (1974–1975)
Ryan Garko (2005–2009)
Jody Gerut (2004–2006 and 2009–10)
Brian Hall (2004SP)
Pete Hamm (1971–1972)
Jeffrey Hammonds (1991–2005)
Jed Hansen (1997)
Rick Helling (1994 and 1999–2003)
John Hester (2010 UD)
AJ Hinch (1993 and 1998–2001)
Brent Hoard (2003UD)
Steve Hovley (1970–1973)
John Hudgins (2005)
Chad Hutchinson (1999UD)
Mark Jecmen (2004SP)
Bob Kammeyer (1992 Wiz)
Todd LaRocca (1995 Signature)
Jim Lonborg (1965–1979)
Andrew Lorraine (1995)
Donny Lucy (2004, 2008 Heritage)
Rick Lundblade (1987 Tastykake)
John Lynch (1992UD)
John Mayberry Jr (Have 2005, 2009–10 and 2012–2014)
David McCarty (1992–97, 2001–02, 2004)
Dave Meier (1985)
Dave Melton (1958)
Lloyd Merriman (1950B–1952B, 1955B)
Jason Middlebrook (2002)
Brett Mooneyham (2012EEE)
Tim Moore (1992SC)
Chris O’Riordan (2004)
Al Osuna (1991–1994)
Kyle Peterson (2000 UD)
Danny Putnam (2007)
Carlos Quentin (2004–2015)
Brian Ragira (2014B)
John Ramos (1992)
Sean Ratliff (2011B)
Chris Reed (2016)
Greg Reynolds (2008–2009)
Doug Robbins (1988, 1992)
Brian Sackinsky (1993 and 1995)
Charlie Saum (2019 Stars & Strips)
Jon Schaffer (2000RR)
Tony Schrager (2000B)
Jamie Sepeda (1993CB)
Jack Shepard (1955)
Scott Snodgress (2012)
Steve Solomon (1992CB)
Stan Spencer (2001)
Pete Stanicek (Have 1988–1989)
Drew Storen (Have 2010–2017)
Darrell Sutherland (Have 1966 and 1968)
Michael Taylor (2012)
Ryan Turner (1993UD)
Brodie Van Wagenen (2019)
AJ Vanegas (2015 Panini)
Sandy Vance (1971)
Brandt Walker (2010B)
Colin Walsh (2012B)
Justin Wayne (2001–03)
Austin Wilson (2013–14)
Ron Witmeyer (1992)
Mike Wodnicki (2003B)
Jason Young (2002–2003)
Paul Zuvella (Have 1986–1987)

NFL Baseball Players

A short list of two-sport players who went into the NFL and never got MLB cards. I try and get football cards of these guys that mention baseball on the back.

Ernie Caddel
Toi Cook
John Elway
Tyler Gaffney
Toby Gerhart


Not a want list just a list of other people who are in the album or whose cards are sitting in a COMC pile. Am not looking to be conclusive with these it’s just nice to have one or two cards to provide some variety.

Frankie Albert
Henry Anderson
Jayne Appel
Justin Armour
Tony Azevedo
Jennifer Azzi
Johnson Bademosi
Doug Baldwin
Gordon Banks
Benny Barnes
Bob Bedell
Tyler Besecker
Cory Booker
Curtis Borchardt
Mike Boryla
Mike Bratz
Stephen Breyer
Sergey Brin
John Brodie
Anthony Brown
George Buehler
Don Bunce
Chris Burford
Greg Camarillo
Jane Campbell
Julian Castro
Josh Childress
Averie Collins
Jarron Collins
Jason Collins
Jennifer Connelly
Tierna Davidson
Pete Desjardins
Jordan DiBiasi
Steve Dils
Pat Donovan
Jim Dray
Trent Edwards
Zach Ertz
Janet Evans
Coby Fleener
Milena Flores
Kristin Folkl
Julie Foudy
Sione Fua
Hugh Gallarneau
Tony Giovacchini
Bob Grayson
Molly Goodenbour
Emile Harry
Eric Heiden
John Hencken
Sonja Henning
Tony Hill
Herbert Hoover
Ryan Hewitt
Josh Huestis
Casey Jacobsen
Adam Keefe
Rich Kelley
Gary Kerkorian
Gordon King
Joe Kirchofer
Brevin Knight
Lo‘eau LaBonta
Scott Laidlaw
Arthur Lee
Dave Lewis
Todd Lichti
Cassidy Lichtman
Lawson Little
James Lofton
Brook Lopez
Robin Lopez
Eric Lorig
Bryce Love
Andrew Luck
Hank Luisetti
Mark Madsen
Don Manoukian
Simone Manuel
Ken Margerum
Jonathan Martin
Matthew Masifilio
Bob Mathias
Josh Mauro
Christian McCaffrey
William McColl
Mike McDonald
John McEnroe
Tegan McGrady
Ryan Mendez
Jessica Mendoza
Jim Merlo
Mike Michel
Mike Montgomery
Ty Montgomery
Bob Moore
Pablo Morales
Jordan Morris
David Moseley
Naomi Mulitauaopele
Trent Murphy
Darrin Nelson
Blaine Nye
Vanessa Nygaard
Sandra Day O’Connor
Kelly O’Hara
Chiney Ogwumike
Nneka Ogwumike
KZ Okpala
Amber Orange
Heather Owen
Larry Page
Jack Palance
Don Parish
Kate Paye
Andrus Peat
Kayla Pedersen
Gary Pettigrew
Jim Plunkett
Jeanette Pohlen
Jim Pollard
Dwight Powell
Nicole Powell
Christen Press
Carson Randle
Conrad Reuland
Ed Reynolds
Jordan Richards
Sally Ride
Ali Riley
Nick Robinson
Summer Sanders
Olympia Scott
Richard Sherman
Jeff Siemon
Sophia Smith
Shane Skov
Alex Smith
Alana Smith
Charmin Smith
Norm Standlee
Leland Stanford
Kate Starbird
Katy Steding
Maggie Steffens
John Steinbeck
Steve Stenstrom
Jeremy Stewart
Stepfan Taylor
Claude Terry
Tyrell Terry
Michael Thomas
Steve Thurlow
Levine Toilolo
Tara Van Derveer
Randy Vataha
Kerri Walsh Jennings
Gene Washington
Tom Watson
Sigourney Weaver
Griff Whalen
Val Whiting
Jamila Wideman
Michelle Wie
John Wilbur
Candice Wiggins
Tiger Woods
Lindsey Yamasaki
David Yankey
Tim Young


0—Missing players with modern cards
1—Missing player with pre-war cards (Bill McGilvray)
2—Missing Topps Flagship (and related) cards (1962 Doug Camilli, 2013 Sam Fuld)
3—Reprinted pre-war cards
3—Players who never had any baseball cards produced of them
5—Missing Non-Topps Player/Team/Year combinations (1 pending)
10—Pre-war cards
12—Currently-active players with MLB experience
103—Players who appeared in MLB (two on this list don’t seem to be Stanford guys)
108—Baseball Players who I am no longer actively seeking cards for
133—Autograph subjects (108 baseball, 25 non-baseball)
141—Baseball Players in the binder
177—Non-baseball people in the binder
295—Autographed items
~2100—Cards in the collection