Two short hikes

This year’s Packer trip threw a bit of an unexpected wrinkle when my car died mid-trip. We were planning to go to Frazier Falls and then have lunch in Graeagle. Instead I got to push-start my car and drive it the 25 miles to Portola where it got a new alternator and battery. Yeah I kind of gulped when I found out I’d been driving on a bad alternator. I’m glad it didn’t completely die on me while I was driving.

Anyway the result of the car trouble is that we ended up doing two short hikes—more like walks—on Friday when we went to go pick up the car.

The first walk was the Sand Pond interpretive trail where we got to look up at the Buttes the day after we’d been there. Nice and short and the boardwalk portion is always fun for the kids.


Then we went to Frazier Falls where there was quite a bit less water compared to last year.